Sunday, 27 June 2010

The birth of a sound wall

Now !. I know this might not be the usual piccys of wonderful lush planting that you are all used to, but this gallery of brick upon brick and brickies is the beginnings of my sound wall and I`mm excited by it.

These are pics of the sound wall being built in the show garden area at Trentham Gardens. This sound wall is affectionately known as "If there is any problems in the construction, then this trial wall, will pick them up" wall. The second almost perfect wall be consructed at the show ground RHS in approx one weeks time.

So far so good I shall post more updates by the end of the week.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

RHS Tatton Flower Show 2010 Show Garden.

With only two weeks to go before the start of build on “A Sound Garden By The Trentham Estate” a  show garden which I am building at The RHS Tatton Flower Show 2010. The panic has not quite set in yet but there are signs. Such as waking at 4 am  my head spinning with all the things that could go wrong !!. You would have thought, that on this my eighth show garden design at Tatton that it would be a breeze, but no, I still get the moments during the day`s leading up to the show when absolute dread creeps into my thoughts.

The major buzz of the build and the oohs and ahhs off the show visitors make up for this immensely, afterwards. Speaking of the build, work starts on the 5th July and two weeks later Voila !!, a show garden. I Wish !!. A lot of work goes into these gardens and a lot of heart and soul to. I intend to take you through the various steps of the build and the lead up to and during the build including all of the nitty gritty problems so you can all share my pain !!.

What garden ?, what he on about I hear you say. Well, for all you late comers. The show garden in question is a sound installation which can actually be used for a variety of things such as for example, a music therapy garden, an idea which as being buzzing around in my head for a while now. Shaun bailey the other half of MonkeyTrail as created a self evolving PC based “Sound Engine” which you could almost say, as a life of its own. Let me explain with blurb.

The intended use for the garden would be as a place to provide therapy on a one to one basis using sight and sound as part of an educational aid, for use by bodies such as educational and music therapy organizations.

The garden contains electronic sensors which detect movement/heat etc and immediately trigger a PC-based sound ‘engine’ which produces evolving sound/music. Sound is directly influenced and indeed created by the garden occupants.

The main structure of the garden is a curved (A Musical Wall) which has rectangle cut-outs set into it. The cut-outs house sensors which respond to movement. The wall is a interactive structure where in, by entering a hand into the cut-outs, sensors are activated and dependent on the information collected by the sensor such as speed of hand and other parameters, music/sound is generated by an evolving PC based sound “engine” .

There it is then all that will be my life for the next 6/8 weeks including the break down and subsequent re-build at Trentham gardens afterwards. I Love It !!!!.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Rivers of Grass at Trentham Gardens.

Got a chance during one of the busiest weeks in the gardens so far this year, to get more shots of a good display of early summer flowering at the Rivers of Grass.

 The Grasses are Molinia caerula heidebraut  and 
 Molinia caerula edith dudszus.

The Modern Sculpture is a current exhibition called

 Carbon Rapture based on three forms of the
element carbon: •diamond  •buckminsterfullerene  •graphite