Thursday, 22 July 2010

Finished Show Garden

The judges have decreed that the garden is a silver medal award winning garden I have recieved a mixed bag of reviews from friends and family ranging from congratulations to that's **** criminal !!!.

I knew during the last days of build that it would be a Silver, you get a feel for these things on your eighth show garden, but also because we just run out of time to attended to the finishing touches that could have made a difference to the medal awarded.

The whole experience was worth it for me from the reaction of a young blind girl I was showing around the sound wall in the garden to experience the sound that could be created from the interactive sensors. Her cry of laughter over the top of the sounds she was creating more than made for any amount of awards that a any Judge could have awarded the garden.

Any hoo. here be some pics of the finshed garden.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Build of a show garden 2 days to go

Just a quick update, while I am thinking straight. Earlier in the week we were 1 day behind on the build  today  and yesterday we managed to catch up through shear hard work, so a big thanks to the Trentham team,  Bowland Paving and my brother Dave for all of their hard work during the last two days.

Planting started on Fri and will be finished tomorrow, I have manged to stick to my planting plan almost but with a bit of creative license. Most of the flower buds are still tight shut so not the full showing of flower colour I hoped for but  still looking good.

The slat fencing to the rear of the garden is quite labour intensive but well worth it, that will be finished tomorrow then Chris will be carrying on with the bespoke curved bench seats which are set on the deck.

We are not able to fire up the sound yet due to the power not been available on site but I have being assured  of a 2 hour power window slot on Sunday which will give us chance to do our stuff. All of the sensors have being wired up and set into the wall we are just hoping that we wired them up correctly !!.

The garden will be assessed on Monday at 1pm I will have to do a 3 min presentation to the assessors on the merits of the garden and any last minute changes I have done within the brief. Press day is Tuesday the garden will have to be totally finished 8am that day in time for the judges to do their thing, Gulp !!!.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Build of a Show Garden day eight

Since my last post the sound wall as been built-rendered-painted and over the weekend the chippy's have been building the hard wood decking. All this done to perfection and over  four days what a happy designer I am. All the lads from Bespoke Construction have done a great job and have never stopped over those four days.
The build is now in its last and second week and I have had my first nightmare worrying about decking heights and fence heights ???. Well it seemed serious to me at the time cold sweats and all that, god knows what state I shall be in by the end of this week.

 Over the weekend Shaun and I did a dummy round sensors set up and configuration. We flagged up a problem with the optical sensors which we have never used before, it seems the ambient light is to much for the wee blighters and they will need to be set into some sort of cowling to protect the little loves from to much sunlight. So before final set up this weekend I have got to manufacture said cowling out of thin air and who send gardening was`nt technical !!.
When we fired up the sound through the Bose speakers what a sweet sound it was and also generated quite a bit of interest from all around. 
A taster of whats to come.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The build of a show garden day 3

Start of build was on Monday 5th July. I turned up at 7.30, mad keen to get started only to find that we were not allowed on the show ground until 8am when was that ruled introduced ??, must read my site rule book. Back to the car to make some last minute to do notes. Finally 8am arrives I find my plot introduce myself and get down to marking out. My build team arrive shortly after and slowly, the rest of the build teams for the other show gardens start to make measurements and check levels on their own plots. I  meet old faces and chew the fat a bit on the coming weeks of build and show gossip.

During the next few days, we need to build the sound wall and cut out the channels for the sensor wires, then render the wall wait for the render to dry, then give it a lick of paint and start to make the bespoke fencing for the rear of the garden. All this before Saturday to keep within the build programme.

The wall was up by this morning and rendering started in earnest with the forecast of rain in the afternoon fingers crossed its not to heavy.

I managed to source a set of Bose freespace speakers which do sound sweet and then spent most of this evening trying to get my laptop to talk to the sensors editor software, at this stage I am pulling my hair out hence a break to write this update. I shall make more posts later hopefully a bit more exciting.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sound Wall Mrk2 awaits return of Tatton Garden

Well !!. Here it is, in all its glory after 6 days of head scratching and hard graft. Sound Wall Mrk 2, in situ at Trentham Gardens awaiting the return of the rest of the show garden after the RHS Tatton Park Flower show 2010 show .

The original idea was to have only 10 slots or holes but the decision was to add more because the wall just looked empty with just the 10, so we are now up to 14.

I must admit thou, I have only just enough sensors and wiring for up to 14. I will after order more from Canada. So 14 it is then.

Shaun and I worked on the sensor configuration this afternoon and after lots of deliberation decided on more light and laser sensors for the more percusive sounds like dulcimers and bells. Pressure pads will be providing bass and pad sounds and rotating switches will provide a certain amount of control on synthesis and effects.The sounds created will also chop and change to keep you on your toes and there will also be lots of what we call "side chains" which are Pangaea's way of saying I'm bored of just doing this sound I want to produce another and play about with it a bit, which will make one or two people take note, that this is no ordinary sound installation.

Pangaea developed by Shaun Bailey (The other half of MonkeyTrial), is the software responsible for producing the evolving sounds and creating an almost living breathing sound engine, which to some extent can be quite unpredictable which is the exciting part. We just don't know what Pangaea will produce to a certain extent, which will make this Show Garden a first at the show.