Saturday, 17 July 2010

Build of a show garden 2 days to go

Just a quick update, while I am thinking straight. Earlier in the week we were 1 day behind on the build  today  and yesterday we managed to catch up through shear hard work, so a big thanks to the Trentham team,  Bowland Paving and my brother Dave for all of their hard work during the last two days.

Planting started on Fri and will be finished tomorrow, I have manged to stick to my planting plan almost but with a bit of creative license. Most of the flower buds are still tight shut so not the full showing of flower colour I hoped for but  still looking good.

The slat fencing to the rear of the garden is quite labour intensive but well worth it, that will be finished tomorrow then Chris will be carrying on with the bespoke curved bench seats which are set on the deck.

We are not able to fire up the sound yet due to the power not been available on site but I have being assured  of a 2 hour power window slot on Sunday which will give us chance to do our stuff. All of the sensors have being wired up and set into the wall we are just hoping that we wired them up correctly !!.

The garden will be assessed on Monday at 1pm I will have to do a 3 min presentation to the assessors on the merits of the garden and any last minute changes I have done within the brief. Press day is Tuesday the garden will have to be totally finished 8am that day in time for the judges to do their thing, Gulp !!!.

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