Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The build of a show garden day 3

Start of build was on Monday 5th July. I turned up at 7.30, mad keen to get started only to find that we were not allowed on the show ground until 8am when was that ruled introduced ??, must read my site rule book. Back to the car to make some last minute to do notes. Finally 8am arrives I find my plot introduce myself and get down to marking out. My build team arrive shortly after and slowly, the rest of the build teams for the other show gardens start to make measurements and check levels on their own plots. I  meet old faces and chew the fat a bit on the coming weeks of build and show gossip.

During the next few days, we need to build the sound wall and cut out the channels for the sensor wires, then render the wall wait for the render to dry, then give it a lick of paint and start to make the bespoke fencing for the rear of the garden. All this before Saturday to keep within the build programme.

The wall was up by this morning and rendering started in earnest with the forecast of rain in the afternoon fingers crossed its not to heavy.

I managed to source a set of Bose freespace speakers which do sound sweet and then spent most of this evening trying to get my laptop to talk to the sensors editor software, at this stage I am pulling my hair out hence a break to write this update. I shall make more posts later hopefully a bit more exciting.

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