Monday, 12 July 2010

Build of a Show Garden day eight

Since my last post the sound wall as been built-rendered-painted and over the weekend the chippy's have been building the hard wood decking. All this done to perfection and over  four days what a happy designer I am. All the lads from Bespoke Construction have done a great job and have never stopped over those four days.
The build is now in its last and second week and I have had my first nightmare worrying about decking heights and fence heights ???. Well it seemed serious to me at the time cold sweats and all that, god knows what state I shall be in by the end of this week.

 Over the weekend Shaun and I did a dummy round sensors set up and configuration. We flagged up a problem with the optical sensors which we have never used before, it seems the ambient light is to much for the wee blighters and they will need to be set into some sort of cowling to protect the little loves from to much sunlight. So before final set up this weekend I have got to manufacture said cowling out of thin air and who send gardening was`nt technical !!.
When we fired up the sound through the Bose speakers what a sweet sound it was and also generated quite a bit of interest from all around. 
A taster of whats to come.

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