Thursday, 22 July 2010

Finished Show Garden

The judges have decreed that the garden is a silver medal award winning garden I have recieved a mixed bag of reviews from friends and family ranging from congratulations to that's **** criminal !!!.

I knew during the last days of build that it would be a Silver, you get a feel for these things on your eighth show garden, but also because we just run out of time to attended to the finishing touches that could have made a difference to the medal awarded.

The whole experience was worth it for me from the reaction of a young blind girl I was showing around the sound wall in the garden to experience the sound that could be created from the interactive sensors. Her cry of laughter over the top of the sounds she was creating more than made for any amount of awards that a any Judge could have awarded the garden.

Any hoo. here be some pics of the finshed garden.

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