Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sound Wall Mrk2 awaits return of Tatton Garden

Well !!. Here it is, in all its glory after 6 days of head scratching and hard graft. Sound Wall Mrk 2, in situ at Trentham Gardens awaiting the return of the rest of the show garden after the RHS Tatton Park Flower show 2010 show .

The original idea was to have only 10 slots or holes but the decision was to add more because the wall just looked empty with just the 10, so we are now up to 14.

I must admit thou, I have only just enough sensors and wiring for up to 14. I will after order more from Canada. So 14 it is then.

Shaun and I worked on the sensor configuration this afternoon and after lots of deliberation decided on more light and laser sensors for the more percusive sounds like dulcimers and bells. Pressure pads will be providing bass and pad sounds and rotating switches will provide a certain amount of control on synthesis and effects.The sounds created will also chop and change to keep you on your toes and there will also be lots of what we call "side chains" which are Pangaea's way of saying I'm bored of just doing this sound I want to produce another and play about with it a bit, which will make one or two people take note, that this is no ordinary sound installation.

Pangaea developed by Shaun Bailey (The other half of MonkeyTrial), is the software responsible for producing the evolving sounds and creating an almost living breathing sound engine, which to some extent can be quite unpredictable which is the exciting part. We just don't know what Pangaea will produce to a certain extent, which will make this Show Garden a first at the show.

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