Sunday, 10 October 2010


MonkeyTrial (me + Shaun) travelled down to, that there Brum last night to attended a live adaptation of the classic Eno ambient album "Apollo" which was a part of the Sounds of Space weekend at the wonderful  Birmingham Town Hall. This little excursion also gave us the chance to meet up with Alan Gardener who was also attending the concert, to discuss a possible collaboration with Alan and a MonkeyTrial sound installation. "Watch this space"

Shaun and I enjoyed the performance but we both agreed that there was something missing and we hit on it on the way home. The performance even thou excellent lacked the spaciness or ethereal feel of the studio produced album. I feel to produce a live version of such a seminal album is near on impossible but the performers IceBreaker and B. J Cole did a excellent job and gets a big thumbs up from this Eno fanatic. 

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