Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The secret life of the Trentham Sound Wall

The Trentham sound wall as now been alive for 4 Months during which we have had a few ups and downs during its existence, mainly due to the torrential down pours of our english summer.

The main hiccups have been due to soggy sensors which have since been rectified and several interesting developments have occurred since.

Whilst during one of my a routine visits to the wall, the wall was happily singing away to itself but not in the usually manner of which I have grown accustomed to. I was intrigued to find out what this new development was caused by and to my amazement I noted that one of the laser harp sensors being triggered by rain droplets falling from the roof of the alcove through the laser beam and triggering Pangaea, the effect was quite pleasing in a rhythmic sort of way. A few weeks later in the rain again one of the movement proximity sensors was triggering it self via a pool of water that had gathered underneath. Not so pleasing but easily rectified by creating a drainage hole in the appropriate place. Each of these events as given me a insight of other possibility's and applications of the installation using natural elements which I intend to use in future developments.

New turf and a lick of paint has given the sound garden a new lease of life since the onslaught of summer and bank holiday crowds, which did have us worried if the software and sensors would stand up to the punishment and they did, so one point to us.

Next trial is freezing temperatures. We had -3 last night and so far so good in fact another pleasing natural occurrence of ice triggering one of the touch sensors which once thawed ceased. Talk about natural intervention.

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