Sunday, 6 November 2011

Pulse sound sculpture photos and sound

Pulse is now exhibiting at the Martin Bush Gallery Plymouth until 4th Dec. The installation is creating quite a lot of interest as a fringe event to the British Art Show which is also taking place at Plymouth .

 I thought a few pictures of the sculpture and a recording of the sound it creates in realtime with no interaction will provide a taster of the exhibition which is well worth a visit. We hope to exhibit Pulse closer to home later this year and into 2012. Details soon.

We wanted to take some video footage of the installation, but the Gallery was so busy and noisy during our visit and during installation it was impossible to get a noise free opportunity so we hope to arrange a less busy day later when we next visit.

The setup was quite stress free and the sounds created in the wonderful ambiance of Martins Gallery is stunning we are very pleased with the installation and await reaction to the concept.

Any hoo enjoy the pictures and  soundscape created by Pulse.

This is an example of the soundscape produced by the 'pulse' installation when idle. The music is created in real-time by our own software. In the live installation it's not a recording - there are no loops - it constantly changes but always remains the same.
Copyright Shaun Bailey and Clive Mollart, 2011.
released 30 October 2011
Shaun Bailey, Clive Mollart