Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pulse moved to new home

Pulse was installed yesterday into the Perspective Gallery at the new Jubilee 2 building, Newcastle- under-Lyme Staffordshire.

“PULSE” is a sound installation that creates interactive soundscapes in real-time.
“PULSE” has been created by musicians Shaun Bailey and Clive Mollart of MonkeyTrial, and by the sculptor Tim Potts.
In this installation soundscapes are created and controlled by software developed by Shaun Bailey. Interaction with the sculpture produces soundscapes in real-time, and 'of the moment'.
The sculpture inspired by the movement of a sound wave, is formed from resin with a rough tactile surface to specifically encourage interaction and exploration of the piece.
Sensors mounted in the sculpture give visitors the opportunity to interact with the soundscape and the sounds produced are always within the context of the music, triggering the same sensor twice may often produce different results.
Alternatively, should visitors just want to listen, the technology detects when the sensors are idle and will then react by creating more elements within the soundscape.

Pulse will be at the Perspectives Gallery until March 2012.