Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Projects

I thought I would start the new year with a regular posting of current projects and ideas under development, so just to get you in the mood here is a shot of my drawing board used as a mood board with my current project on show.

This project is a garden of meditation or relaxation which would not be out of place in a spa relaxation area or hotel courtyard.

The main focal point of the garden is a suspended tree which is interactive reacting to movement within a predetermined area.

The echomap sound engine is used in this installation producing a minimalist
soundscape  which can be site specific in composition.

We are introducing a new development in this installation , interactive colourscapes.
The visuals will be in the form of colour changing pyramids which produce colourscapes in response to the echomap sound engine interaction. Cool or wot !!.

I thought that the concept of creating a living sculpture representing a form that is detached from its normal setting, will provide the ideal meditative focal point within a garden that is relaxing yet intriguing. The interactive nature of the installation in the form of soundscapes and colourscapes will aid the meditative state by providing a creative platform upon which self expression can be achieved.

We hope that this project will be built in July so watch this space for more information, where and when.

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