Thursday, 10 October 2013

Rebuild of a RHS Hampton Court Show Garden.

I am two days into the rebuild of my show garden the 'Singing Tree' which was exhibited at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2013. Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire was one of our main sponsors for the show and the rebuild of the garden at Trentham was part of the sponsorship deal !.

I am quite excited about the build mainly because, one of my pet hates about building show gardens is the destruction of the gardens after each show which as a designer means the destruction of something I have put my heart and soul into only to. This rebuild gives me the chance to see my design again and for many other people to appreciate it because I consider each garden I design and build as a work of art.

For those that didn`t see the 'Singing Tree' garden at RHS Hampton Court, click on the RHS link RHS 'Singing Tree'

So back to today.
Now I know it doesn't look much for two days work but most of day one was dedicated to clearing the site and today my blood sweat and tears went into the siting and bedding down of this pool, because there is nothing more unforgiving in showing that something is not level than the natural level indicator of a water line so it is essential this pool is bob on !! or I will never live it down.

Post 1 in and three to go, these posts will be from which the suspended tree will be hanging so yet again preparation is important because the weight of a tree is also unforgiving. The ground is also a bit unforgiving on this site so the jimmy bar had to be let loose to break up some hard core laying several inches down each post hole allowing enough depth to accommodate each post.

Day three will dedicated to breaking out more hard core and  the sinking of three other posts which are to be concreted in. Stay tuned for the next instalment. 

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