Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Rebuild of a RHS Hampton Court Show Garden. Day 4


A very wet but enjoyable couple of days finishing the construction of the suspended tree structure and reflective pool frame and surprise !!, the hanging container is level and at the correct height I must admit a few mistakes were learnt from the original construction of the 'Singing Tree' garden which we built back in June at RHS Hampton Court so things went a little smoother but never the less it was nerve racking when I placed the sprit level for the very first time upon the hanging planter.

You will note that the structure is accommodating a smaller space so the posts are closer together but I still think the structure still works proportionally. Next job is to set up the water feature which is part of the structure and ensure it is tuned correctly with a pleasing sound !!.

I also erected the cimeric abstract art work 'Ocean' by Plymouth based Artist Martin Bush which is sited at the end of an existing path providing an approachable focal point it looks quite stunning when the sunlight catches it looking almost transparent because of the reflective properties of the aluminium sheets and lacquer base that make up the mount for the piece.

Once I have tuned the water feature I hope to start preparing the area for planting using plants from the show gardens and existing plants mainly trees and shrubs.

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