Interactive Sound Installations

August Garden Designs Ltd also create and install interactive sound installations in association with the artist echomap

Sound Art
Our sound art and installations combine interactive sensors and our own software to create unique, immersive and interactive soundscapes.

The Trentham Sound Wall
The Trentham Wall is an example of a large outdoor installation that has proved itself to be weather proof and reliable, running daily at Trentham Gardens in Staffordshire, UK.

Pulse Sound Sculpture

The Pulse Sound Sculpture is an example of a smaller indoor piece, and demonstrates the way the software can be configured to produce a more minimal ambient backdrop.

In both cases the installations generate music in real time. They don't use loops or recordings. The echomap sound engine contains a set of rules outlining how to play, not what to play. It can be set up to continually generate soundscapes, or only react to sensor input, or a combination of the two.

Other Applications

We can develop art and installations using a variety of sensors and a 'sound design' configured to specific requirements. Example applications could include sensory gardens, outdoor or indoor art installations, relaxation and reception areas or interactive educational equipment. If you have an idea for a project then please contact us for further information

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